Beckford House and Tower

Beckford House and Tower


Icon Realty




Manhattan, New York


Studio Sofield


The Boundary

We launched Property Platform at Beckford House & Tower, a co-branded pair of residential buildings designed by Studio Sofield. Located on New York’s Upper East Side, the project takes advantage of the newly completed Second Avenue subway stop at 86th Street, compelling clients to invest in one of the most historic neighborhoods in Manhattan.

Integration of Property Platform creates an enhanced sales experience. Featured on multiple displays throughout the sales center, our software vividly presents the two distinct—yet complementary—buildings. With a centralized grid, sales agents are able to easily toggle between the two buildings and search the project’s entire inventory, showcasing the beautiful, immersive content created for the development. In addition, Property Platform can control both the physical architectural models in the space plus digital axonometric models that can highlight by floor, amenity, and individual unit.

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