70 Vestry

70 Vestry


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New York, NY


Robert A.M. Stern

Daniel Romualdez

Related Companies trusted Property Platform as the key sales and marketing solution for the most exclusive building in downtown New York—their visionary development at 70 Vestry. The most expensive property ever launched in New York City as of 2016, 70 Vestry has over 30 residences with an average price of $14 million per unit. The project, designed by architect Robert A.M. Stern and interior designer Daniel Romualdez, is setting a new benchmark for luxury real estate in Manhattan and beyond.

The sales gallery, located one block from the site, uses Property Platform to create a highly visual sales experience on par with the standard of the building. Our intuitive technology controls two 90-inch 4K screens, the lighting on a fully integrated architectural model of the building, and lighting controls in the two main presentation rooms. Agents can also use Property Platform to present the project outside the sales gallery on their tablet devices.

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