Transamerica Pyramid Center

Transamerica Pyramid Center




Residential & Mixed Use


New York, USA


Norman Foster





Property Platform has partnered with SHVO Developments to elevate the leasing experience for their iconic project in San Francisco, Transamerica. Leveraging the innovative capabilities of the platform, Property Platform showcases the project to prospective tenants.

Designed by Foster & Partners, the leasing gallery features an exhibition space, an immersion room, and a presentation area, all seamlessly powered by Property Platform. With a simple touch, the system controls lighting, shades, and activates various ‘modes’ tailored to different presentations.

The Presentation Area boasts an ultra-wide HD screen measuring approximately 30 feet wide by 8 feet high. Positioned in front of it are meticulously crafted scale models of the Transamerica Center Masterplan, as well as the Transamerica Pyramid, 2 Transamerica, and 3 Transamerica.

To enhance guest engagement, Property Platform developed a standalone experience that enables visitors to independently navigate through digital galleries while interacting with the masterplan model. As guests navigate the experience, corresponding spaces light up on the ground plane model, creating an immersive and interactive experience.

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